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Frequently asked questions

Who is behind this?

My name is Sam Johnson, I have had the pleasure of working as a software engineer at some amazing companies such as Atlassian, Cisco Systems, Statuspage, and Trello. Now I focus on Ruby on Rails consulting and creating educational material. You can find my content on:

What kind of content is in the emails?

Weekly, I create a new video, and send out an accompanying email. The topics range from self-hosting to building SaaS applications with Ruby on Rails. The emails contain written details as well as additional resources for community members.

Quarterly, I create a new free guide containing condensced information on complex topics. This quarter I am working on a step-by-step guide to productionizing a SaaS app based on company size. These guides are only sent to members.

What are you selling?

Consulting and content creation is my full time job. Occasionally I will advertise paid content I have created at the end of my emails. The emails & guides will always remain free to read and use.

Can I hire you?

At the moment my time is limited. I do offer targeted consulting services for those who need specific integrations done such as: setting up payments with Stripe or Paddle, integrating with Slack or Discord, and handling infrastructure migrations.

If your task falls into one of those buckets, please check my consulting services page for more information.