Scale & Secure for Rails

Are you a rapidly growing SaaS company built on Ruby on Rails? If so, you found the right place to get all the performance, security, and infrastructure pain off your plate.

  • Total Security - Continuous security analysis including network settings, environment variable usage, Rails settings, service access, gem vulnerabilities, log monitoring and more. ($1750)
  • System Insight - Monitoring & alerting setup for core functionality (database, application, front end). ($1250)
  • Runbook Rundown - Detailed runbooks so problems can be solved quickly and easily. ($500)
  • Cost Analysis - Analysis & recommendations to save money for infrastructure tooling. ($750)
  • Scaling Supervisor - Rails problems or questions answered in our monthly review session. ($450)
  • Emergency help - Up to 5 hours a month of emergency help in case of an incident. ($1000)
  • Tactical Performance - 5 hours a month of work on performance updates in Rails code (db indexes, code optimizations, etc). ($1000)


Due to time constraints we can only take on a select few clients per month.

How it works

What is the process?

First we start with a kick off call to see what problems you are running into. Then, we create a monthly plan to work on securing and improving the performance of your application. We will meet monthly to review your system, answer questions, and revise your plan as needed. Outside of the monthly meeting, we will work async to deliver all the points above. Any code changes will be delivered as a PR to your repository.

Who is this for?

This is for companies that are scaling and do not want to hire a full time SRE or system engineer to handle scaling, performance, and security. If you are pre-revenue or without consistant daily active users, let's talk when you have grown bigger. We will start our journey together in an onboarding call to see if your needs and my offering align.

How can I trust you?

With over a decade of experience scaling systems at companies such as Atlassian, Trello, Statuspage, and Cisco Systems, you are in good hands. All client work is covered by an NDA and consulting agreement that leaves all IP under your company.

How do I cancel?

You can choose to cancel or pause your account at any time. If you pause and restart, the new month with be pro-rated based on when you paused. If you cancel, I will continue to work the rest of the month. There will be no refunds for services rendered.

What if I just need a one-off task done?

Check out the à la carte offerings below.

À la carte Rails integrations ($2,499)